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To stay competitive in today's global market, organizations must respond quickly to new opportunities in order to push growth trajectories forward. Often a sudden shift in priorities and "all hands on deck" refocus of available resources is required. Most organizations can manage these events in short spurts. However, longer more demanding initiatives present significant risk to day-to-day operations if there is no added support.

Don't reinvent the wheel when you need to augment your internal technical and business teams.

The Client undertook an extended special project requiring all of their internal IT resources. This resulted in an immediate shortage of technical resources to:
  • manage day-to-day systems operations and maintenance
  • respond to end-user support issues
  • address critical and unforeseen situations that may arise

The Solution:

The Client required an immediate technical resource to assume responsibilities from the internal team for the duration of the project. With a user-base numbering in the thousands, it was critical that the resource have excellent communication skills and the ability to think quickly and creatively in high pressure situations. As time was of the essence, a lengthy recruitment and on-boarding process to find a qualified person was not an option. PCIS provided an excellent resource to the Client for the duration of the project. With expert knowledge and capabilities the resource was up and running with minimal orientation. The individual's professionalism and exceptional people skills ensured a successful engagement.

As a result of being able to keep their internal resources focused on the special project, the Client was able to complete the project as anticipated without increasing permanent staff and incurring the associated recruitment costs. As a value-added bonus, the Client benefitted from expert knowledge transfer that helped to further optimize their infrastructure and day-to-day operations. Once the engagement concluded, the Client's internal resources were able to smoothly transition back into operational roles without disruption.

Project Profile

  • Forutne 50 financial and banking organization
  • High priority, medium-term initiative created a sudden need to augment existing IT resources
  • Low tolerance for lengthy and costly recruitment process.
  • Mission critical systems and applications demanded expert-level capabilities to fill the resource gap.

PCIS, The Vendor of Choice:

Having worked on previous ooperational and development projects for the Client, PCIS established a reputation for providing expert technical resources. As a result, PCIS was approached directly as the vendor of choice for this project.

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Vaclav Vincalek November 5th, 2012 10:31:30 PM

Featured Post: Solving Business Problems
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Although the marketing department was responsibility for managing the organization's public web portal, the information technology team were required at every turn to implement the changes. This resulted in an exceedingly costly business process to manage portal changes and was often hampered by conflicting priorities between the two business units.

Don't reinvent the wheel when you need a web content management solution for your business

The Client's existing web content management system was both complex and counter-intuitive, resulting in:
  • long delays between content creation and content publishing
  • new content being published late
  • obsolete content remaining on the site long after it had lost it's relevancy
  • inefficient use of IT resources

The Solution:

Replace the Client's existing web content management system with one that is more intuitive for a non-technical business user. With the new technology in place, the marketing group were now empowered with direct control over their web portal content publishing process. The solution aligned the Client's business processes and technologies for publishing content to their external website with proven processes and technologies already in use for publishing content to their internal intranet. This reinforced and expanded upon the organization's existing technology investment and provided their business users with a familiar user interface thereby reducing the need for any special training. The outcome of this project was that the marketing department could now respond quickly to market conditions with timely offers yo capitalize on new business and revenue opportunities.

Project Profile

  • Major insurance provider
  • Popular public-facing web portal used to deliver news and information for the organization
  • Important for information on the portal to be relevant and timely; requiring frequent updates and additions

PCIS, The Vendor of Choice:

As a trusted advisor with an established track record of past projects with the Client where we delivered working, effective solutions that were on-time and on-budget, PCIS was approached directly as the vendor of choice for this project..

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Vaclav Vincalek October 2nd, 2012 10:59:14 PM

Featured Post: Solving Business Problems
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With a public facing portal as a major business channel, on-going stability issues take a toll on both customer satisfaction and revenue. For this insurance provider, it meant existing customers could not log in; new customers could not sign up; eCommerce transactions could not complete; or the entire portal would go offline. At risk were eroding consumer satisfaction, loss of new customers, and lost revenue.

Don't reinvent the wheel when you need a stable, secure web portal to service customers and drive revenue

The Client's existing system infrastructure was inadequate to support their business needs:

  • the system could not scale to support business growth
  • the architecture provided no provision for redundancy and fail-over to ensure continual availability
  • the existing architecture introduced on-going unknown variables that put the portal at risk of continual service interruption

The Solution:

A complete architectural overhaul was required to stabilize the portal and provide the level of continuity and scalability that was needed to support the organization's business activities and membership. The solution delivered was a robust, clustered and integrated portal system architecture; and included the necessary knowledge transfer and interim maintenance support to ensure that the Client's internal teams could confidently and effectively assume management of the system. The result was an increase in member satisfaction and a significant reduction in the occurrence and risk of unscheduled downtime.

Project Profile

  • Major Insurance Provider with elevated public profile
  • Web-based portal providing general information, member services and eCommerce functionality
  • Public and member access to the portal 24/7 is of critical importance
  • Portal downtime has  direct impact to consumer satisfaction and the potential for lost revenue; as well as increased in operation costs as online services must then be managed person-to-person over the telephone.

PCIS, The Vendor of Choice:

The Client contacted PCIS out of frustration of not being able to find a vendor that could solve their stability problems. With a demonstrated and proven track record in delivering complex portal solutions, PCIS was successful in earning the trust of this new client and as a result was selected as the vendor of choice for this project..

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Vaclav Vincalek August 7th, 2012 08:55:08 PM

Featured Post: Solving Business Problems
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As a new communications upstart, the Client's was focused on a niche market, providing secure email for clients requiring highly sensitive communications such as those during mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations, and legal proceedings.

Don't reinvent the wheel when you need a custom solution to capture new opportunities.

The Client required a custom solution that could provided their clients with:
  • guaranteed secure communication
  • end-to-end encryption
  • compatibility with mobile devices supported by major telcos

The Solution:

A custom integrated solution was delivered utilizing PGP and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The solution provided the technology necessary to support the Client's business model and resulted in the client successfully capturing a niche market in secure messaging for mobile devices.

Project Profile

  • Upstart communications company
  • Required encrypted solution to protect highly sensitive email communications
  • 24/7 operation, thus system stability and reliability was paramount

PCIS, The Vendor of Choice:

As a leading consulting firm with expertise in a wide range of messaging technologies, and the agility to deliver a solution quickly and on budget, PCIS was selected as the vendor of choice for this project.

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Vaclav Vincalek June 4th, 2012 10:35:37 PM

Featured Post: Solving Business Problems
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An unpredictable email system hampered workers ability to complete their work. As a chronic problem, this caused elevated frustration among workers, erroded confidence in system usability and IT support services, and had a significant and negative impact on productivity through-out the organization.

Don't reinvent the wheel when trying to solve complex email and network stability issues.

Poor utilization of system resources was at the root of the problem, resulting in:
  • on-going system capacity and storage problems
  • sluggish server performance
  • frequent system outages.

The Solution:

A custom connector integrating the Client's Active Directory with their Identity Management solution was required in order to manage the creation and distribution of new email accounts across servers automatically. The outcome of this project resulted in:

  • A stable system and significant improvement in server performance
  • Restored user confidence and eleviated productivity issues attributed to email inavailablilty
  • Improved new worker on-boarding processes associated to email account setup and administration

Project Profile

  • Major utility company
  • High usage of temporary workers
  • High demand on on-boarding processes
  • Efficiency and timeliness of on-boarding process is critical to operations
  • Workers must have reliable email access to perform their duties
  • Access to email must be terminated immediately upon worker termination

PCIS, The Vendor of Choice:

PCIS was the only IT company in the vacinity capable of delivering this solution. Our deep expertise in all of the technologies involved, coupled with our indepth experience working with complex system architectures and enterpirse integration challenges resulted in PCIS being selected as the vendor of choice for this project.

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Vaclav Vincalek April 9th, 2012 10:03:20 PM

6000 New Jobs in Metro Vancouver by 2015 due to Cloud Computing Growth

In the last week, both the Vancouver Sun and Business in Vancouver (BIV) reveal strong job growth in the technology sector. The Vancouver Sun reports that Metro Vancouver is expected to gain 6,000 jobs by 2015 due to cloud computing growth, based on research for Microsoft by International Data Corporation (IDC). The IDC foresees 20 per cent annual job growth related to cloud services through 2015 in Vancouver. Small and medium sized businesses will add at least 2,900 new jobs, while large-scale companies will add more than 3,000 new workers, as a result of cloud technology*.

The forecast on the Cloud computing growth is based on the fact that at least 75 per cent of information technology (IT) spending is consumed by maintenance of cash-eating legacy computing systems and “routine upgrades. John Weigelt, national technology officer for Microsoft Canada, said in Vancouver that it’s a philosophical shift — and a financial one — as opposed to a technology issue.

The IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. It has a network of over 1000 analysts in Canada providing expertise on technology, industry opportunities and trends in Canada.

In the BIV, “Tech Job Wars Heat up BC”, Microsoft was included in the line-up of technology employers seeking to hire large numbers of new staff, alongside Hootsuite, Electronic Arts and Amazon. In the bi-annual BCTIA survey, IT jobs grew 12% from 2010 to 2011, adding back all jobs lost in the 2009 recession. The sector is also expected to add 3,000 new jobs in 2012 and over 10,000 new jobs by 2015. These numbers are significantly impacted by cloud computing growth.

Finally, we spoke to an IT recruiter who confirmed that developers who are certified for Microsoft SharePoint and have experience are in demand in Metro Vancouver. These highly specialized technology skills are hard to source for portal solutions on the Cloud.  

For Microsoft Cloud reports and SharePoint case studies, visit

Image:Cloud Computing Growth

* Source:

** Source: (Feb 28 to Mar 5, 2012)  

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Liza Lee March 8th, 2012 01:26:55 PM