Cyber Security Alert

What is the Cyber Security Alert?

Our security experts survey the top one million websites identified by Alexa and see which ones have been identified as recently containing malware or which have known vulnerabilities to hacker tactics like cross-site scripting (XSS) or SQL injection. We post the domain name of these potentially harmful sites at our Twitter account Devfense Cyber Alert

Why are you publicizing these websites?

By publicizing these websites, we offer a public service to help Internet users get a safer online experience as well as promote the need for better security practices. Web application vulnerabilities are on the rise as organizations embrace more web-based services and hackers realize that organizations lack capability in providing secure applications. Visitors to infected websites may become vulnerable to ID theft and other problems as their own computers become infected.

How can I check if the website I visit is vulnerable?

One simple test is to use the Google Safebrowsing Diagnostic Tool. In your browser, type the website URL after to see if Google has recently deemed the site infected or vulnerable.

Note that Google does not scan sites at all times, so sites that have been recently infected may not show up immediately as security risks.

What can I do if I find a website listed on Devfense Alerts has malware or is vulnerable to hackers?

If you find a website that has malware or has been shown to have vulnerabilities, please contact us. As part of our public service, we will contact the website owners to let them know of the security issue and offer assistance for them to fix their vulnerabilies to hackers.

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