Who is Viv

Siri will have a sister. The team that built Siri, left Apple and started a new company called Viv. Google and Microsoft are working hard to make their devices smart. The device which you carry around everywhere and from nostalgia you still call a phone albeit a smart one, is becoming an information hub. Myriad of sensors measuring your body functions, assisting in navigating within your surroundings are getting attached to your device and in-turn communicating with cloud services. You already generate a stream of data, from your location, movements, application usage, to name few. The new generation of personal assistants will learn to analyze patterns in your actions and start providing suggestions and will assist you with your mundane tasks. You might be able to relax but your PA will always look after you.
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Trending this week...

This week brought us some interesting, note-worthy articles and news:
- Thinking about getting a tattoo? Get an E-tattoo and sweat. You'll be able to power a cellphone with it.
- Researchers found that by monitoring brain waves of a few people, they can predict the reactions of a mass audience. Mind blowing.
- Different researchers built an army of tiny robots capable of organizing themselves. Exciting? To the researchers - very.
- Google, along other large companies, are laying down their own cables.
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