What's wrong with eVoting

Does the 'e' guarantee better outcomes? Norway doesn't think so. The country had experimented with voting over the Internet both in 2011 and 2013. Their conclusion, eVoting is not for them.  The objective was to remove barriers and encourage more people to vote, especially among the younger demographic. However, despite all the fancy devices out there  (smart phones, tablets, laptops), the increase they saw in participation was negligible at best. Perhaps the problem has more to do with the lack of something meaningful to vote for, but that's not the point of this article.
eVoting was also rejected, in part, due to security concerns. As we have brought to your attention, almost on a weekly basis, there is no such thing as a hack-proof organization or system. It is only the naivete and/or deliberately misleading statements of the companies selling these eVoting systems where claims of guaranteed secret ballots, free voting, and secure voting systems are made.
There are many areas in life where we could introduce the 'e' for the betterment of everyone; voting is not one of them, yet.
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