What name will you give Her?

Perhaps you were following this year Oscars or actually went to see the movie. The time has come to name your own personal assistant. Apple introduced Siri; Microsoft debuted Cortana; and now Google has Google Now (a pretty geeky name if you ask me). All of them are now in a heated race to make their PA the best in town (I just had a sudden and awkward flashback to Clippy). PA's will soon become a part of your daily life; constantly monitoring your activities and interactions. They will screen your calls, provide advice on what to eat, draw your attention to relevant information - always there for you. Personalization will start with you giving it a name, and choosing a voice.

Trending this week...  

This week brought some interesting articles and news worth taking note of:
- Five years old hacks into his father Xbox account. Genius in waiting or just really poor system design?
- Carnegie Mellon wins its case against chip maker Marvell over patents. $1.5 billion to be precise. That's a lot of cantaloupe.
- The US National Security Agency persuaded web-encryption company RSA to develop a more vulnerable random-number generator. How can we trust RSA, ever?
- If you are on LinkedIn, your address can be easily downloaded with a free plugin. Sell Hack is available as a free extension to the Chrome browser. Once installed, it will pop up a "hack in" button on LinkedIn profiles. Rather than suing the plugin maker, we're thinking LinkedIn should just fix the problem.
- And now for my personal favourite - Instant e-libraries for Myanmar universities. The whole world is helping to restart the university education with online learning materials.

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