Turing Test

Last week, you may have seen an announcement regarding the famous Artificial Intelligence test known as the 'Turing Test'. The headline read - 'A computer program has made history by becoming the first to pass the artificial intelligence test set in the 1950s by mathematician, codebreaker and computer science pioneer Alan Turing'. Now that would have been truly amazing news... and it was, until you actually read the details. As it turns out, this program (called 'Eugene') was programmed to emulate a thirteen year old boy. During testing, observers mistook the program's responses to be that of a human thirty percent of the time. Why? The responses were observed to be repetitive and obnoxious; obviously leading some observers to think they were communicating with a teenager. Result: If the benchmark for artificial intelligence is a teenage boy, then we have lowered our standards for human intelligence into completely uncharted territory.

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This week brought some interesting articles and news worth taking note of:
- Tesla announced that it will open its patents to support the growth of the electric car industry. Bravo!
- If you are using Google+, you might want to read some of the responses from its users. They are not happy and you should be asking why.
- Tweedeck and EverNote are the new casualties of cyber attacks. Do we even care anymore?
- Amazon halted Lego movie pre-orders. This is what happens when one company has far too much control over distribution.
- Facebook is gearing up to release its new photo-messaging app. How do we know this? Somebody pressed the wrong button and released it prematurely in the App store.
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