Technology Update - week in review

Allow me to introduce you to this Technology Update. It is a part of our Monday's updates. It will allow you to go back and read about the trends and news at your leisure.  Some of the articles are about the distant future, upcoming trends, and current hot products - some of which are simply crazy. The objective is to keep you informed about the latest in technology. It will aid you in better understanding your customer requirements and discuss with confidence the world of technology.

To make it more exciting, I packed two batches in this week update.

Without further ado, here is the latest:

- What RAF and food have in common? Hint: 3D printing.
- What does happen when Nokia lets people go and the Finnish government helps? Help: New wave of startups.
- What can you use supercomputer for? Hint: Find something cheaper.
- Did you know that there are 76,897 movie genre? Just ask Netflix.
- What is the latest craze with digital currencies? You don’t want to know.
- … this and some more you can find here!


- Bitcoin - US takes it away, Canada says it is not legal, yet companies are starting to accepting it - mostly for PR reasons.
- Google is getting into contact lenses business.
- Big Data - who’s in, who isn’t.
- Microsoft and Windows - PC shipments are going constantly down. Tell our customers we can help them with mobile strategies.
- Target - If you were shopping there before Christmas, IT IS GUARANTEED that your name, credit card information has been stolen. You are one of 70,000,000 lucky ones.
- … this and some more you can find here!