Tech Trends: 2009 Is About Needs, Not Wants

My predictions for 2009 may not come as much of a surprise to those already following the tech industry and the economy in general. This year, organizations will spend on needs, not wants.

For businesses, network security and web security are needs, not just wants. Infrastructure security efforts will be even more necessary in 2009, as security threats continue to grow all the time, keeping pace with the discovery of new vulnerabilities. The chronology of data breaches posted by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse makes this clear.

Businesses will focus on where it can get value, and not just in the short term. This may involve a significant purchase of a solution that promises significantly reduced costs. On the other hand, some organizations will reconsider renewing licenses for office application, although security-related products like anti-virus and spyware software will do just fine.

Ultimately, companies will be successful in 2009 if they focus on what they should always focus on: understanding the business needs of customers. Part of that means offering your customers the peace of mind that their information and privacy is protected.