Outsourcing Security for Companies of All Shapes and Sizes

Our consultants have consistently found that an organization’s network security consciousness can have very little to do with an organization’s size. We’ve found that it all comes down to the priorities of the technical people in an organization.

If the IT team considers cyber-security to be an essential for their business, they will schedule the time to ensure the necessary patching, upgrading and upgrading is getting done.

In some cases, they may have the right attitude but simply don't have the resources to take care of all elements of security because they are also responsible for working on business-related projects like CRM systems or database migration. The best IT people will also be more in tune with their network needs and able to provide direction on where outsourcing security can be done.

Among all sizes of organizations, the most adaptable technical people tend to be the most open to outsourcing some elements of their security. They tend to recognize that there often just isn’t enough time in the day to patch, upgrade and install operating systems, hardware, firewalls and the rest of it, while taking care of critical user support incidents. This supersedes any short-term worries about harming their own job security, because they understand that the best guarantee to their career’s success is making sure the company avoids the kinds of data breach shutdowns and other problems we’re seeing in the news every day.

Size only matters in the sense that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. The companies that have responsible tech people who suggest outsourcing when they need help will be able to adapt to an increasingly challenging security landscape.