Online Security Tips From A Literary Source Make Good Reading

When you think about it, literary agencies are on the front lines when it comes to web threats. "We receive hundreds of documents a month from total strangers and hundreds of emails from naked Russian housewives wanting to refill inkjet cartridges in our home while we enjoy the funds that our six dead relatives left us in Nigerian banks," says Ashley Grayson, President of the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency. But Grayson reports they've "never in ten years had a virus, trojan, or other malware in our computers."

Some secrets to their success in protecting their network and customers:

* Regular web code reviews to check for known vulnerabilities to hacker threats. "Ideally, anyone who is at all aware of the threat should be doing that," Grayson says.

* Never agree to install a program unless you are certain of the vendor. Even then, be cautious.

* Make sure your Firewall is on and set up properly.

The publishing professional turned to metaphor to describe the need for organizations to take online security seriously right from the beginning of development of a site, before it goes live: "It's a lot cheaper to fill it up before you head out than run out of gas on the freeway."