Nothing Happened

Welcome to this week's Technology Updates, a vibrant mix of hot topics and future trends.

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This week technology was as slow as fast moving molasses. Let's quickly recap a few events to prove this point:

- Apple releases new iPhone. What's so special about it? It is bigger than the previous one.

- Apple releases iWatch.  If you need to spend a few hundred dollars to have a device to tell you that you have a phone call coming and that you are too lazy to reach into your pocket, than this device is for you.

- Google buys hi-tech spoon firm. A spoon that doesn't shake while you holding it.

- Scientists unveiled a robot which can load a dishwasher. Actually, this is far more useful than the iWatch.

-  Twitter introduces a 'Buy' button. Did they just wake up from a cryogenic sleep?

No nude pictures, the Chinese didn't steal anything, no retailer has been hacked, no nothing.