New CEO at Microsoft

Microsoft has a new CEO. Steve Ballmer is out, Satya Nadella is in. Bill... still lurking in the background. Mr. Nadella is an insider, coming up in rank from the Cloud division... in case you were looking for yet another sign that your server is heading the way of the Dodo bird.

IBM wants to do the same thing it did with Jeopardy in Africa. IBM launched the new Watson division (mentioned a few weeks ago) followed by the launch of a very ambitious program for Africa. The project is named 'Lucy' and is expected to help Africa leapfrog in to the future.

Trending this week...
- Bitcoin's issues are never ending. Another week, another slide.
- How to dress so nobody can recognise you. Specially Facebook.
- How do you award students for finding security hole in your network? Expelled them!
- Do you want to become really rich? Quickly move to Iceland.
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