IT spending on the rise

More than half of small-to-medium businesses plan to spend more on IT over the coming year to help increase productivity in a tougher economic climate, according to a new study from CompTIA Research (Thanks for the tip, Laptop Security Blog).

In the past, IT spending has been the first to get cut during hard times. Not any more. The use of technology is already so entrenched across industries and departments that managers realize that IT is no longer a fancy optional extra – it’s at the core of an organization’s ability to maintain operations.

Now crafty professionals will be looking at ways they can spend a buck on IT to save – or earn – five. This is a huge change, in that IT is recognized as a “need”, not a “want”.

The people in charge of spending the bigger IT budgets will be careful to avoid the nice-to-have purchases and zero in on the must-have items.

That new version of your application that might give you some fancy options if you have the time to learn how to use them, might be out. But that firewall that needs updating can't be put off. Same goes for the network security assessment.

The increased spending will go to investments that affect the bottom line, cash flow and security. The upside of a downturn is that it forces businesses to keep a sharp eye on their budget priorities.