IT Resources - Solving Business Problems

To stay competitive in today's global market, organizations must respond quickly to new opportunities in order to push growth trajectories forward. Often a sudden shift in priorities and "all hands on deck" refocus of available resources is required. Most organizations can manage these events in short spurts. However, longer more demanding initiatives present significant risk to day-to-day operations if there is no added support.

Don't reinvent the wheel when you need to augment your internal technical and business teams.

The Client undertook an extended special project requiring all of their internal IT resources. This resulted in an immediate shortage of technical resources to:

- manage day-to-day systems operations and maintenance

- respond to end-user support issues

- address critical and unforeseen situations that may arise


The Solution: The Client required an immediate technical resource to assume responsibilities from the internal team for the duration of the project. With a user-base numbering in the thousands, it was critical that the resource have excellent communication skills and the ability to think quickly and creatively in high pressure situations. As time was of the essence, a lengthy recruitment and on-boarding process to find a qualified person was not an option. PCIS provided an excellent resource to the Client for the duration of the project. With expert knowledge and capabilities the resource was up and running with minimal orientation. The individual's professionalism and exceptional people skills ensured a successful engagement.

As a result of being able to keep their internal resources focused on the special project, the Client was able to complete the project as anticipated without increasing permanent staff and incurring the associated recruitment costs. As a value-added bonus, the Client benefitted from expert knowledge transfer that helped to further optimize their infrastructure and day-to-day operations. Once the engagement concluded, the Client's internal resources were able to smoothly transition back into operational roles without disruption.

Project Profile:

- Forutne 50 financial and banking organization

- High priority, medium-term initiative created a sudden need to augment existing IT resources

- Low tolerance for lengthy and costly recruitment process.

- Mission critical systems and applications demanded expert-level capabilities to fill the resource gap.

PCIS, The Vendor of Choice: Having worked on previous ooperational and development projects for the Client, PCIS established a reputation for providing expert technical resources. As a result, PCIS was approached directly as the vendor of choice for this project.