IBM is selling to Lenovo another division

If anybody had any doubts about computing moving to the cloud, the game is officially over. IBM announced it's selling their low-end servers product line to Lenovo. The rest of the vendors will continue in mass production, no margin business. Every company should be thinking about a strategy to embrace the cloud. The future job title is the 'Enterprise Cloud Architect'.

Without further ado, here is the latest:

- South Korea hit by data theft. Was is it North Korea? No, just one guy with USB stick. We call it the Snowden effect. Every organization has to prepare for the attack from the outside and the inside.
- Germany lost some of its passwords too.
- Who do you trust? When it comes to security, your options are very simple - no one. It looks like all the security vendors (specially RSA) are guilty of collaboration with NSA.
- Bitcoin. The topic is still hot and the latest article talks about the guy behind the SilkRoad. Let me know whether you think the guy was good or bad.
- Are you interested to know how robots will communicate in the future? The humans are helping them.
- Is it dirty trick or just the line got pushed little bit further? Online marketing dilemma.
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