How Fluid Are You?

IBM announced an investment in the digital commerce company Fluid. The Fluid guys will get access to IBM's Watson. Watson, as you might remember, is the IBM computer system which won Jeopardy. Watson has a never ending appetite for crunching any available information and the ability to recognize the meaning in a questions; then does its best to come up with the right answer. Watson has even been tested with doctors to support them in their diagnosis  and treatment plans for patients. With Fluid, IBM is hoping to give you the chance to ask questions about any product you might consider buying. This is the point where we move past keyword search, dear Watson.  

Trending this week...   

This week brought some interesting articles and news worth taking note of:    
- BigData available from all the sources; hackers are already sifting through it. Make sure that your company has some checks and balances in place.
- Facebook is spreading their digital advertising outside of their platform. Is anyone concerned about their privacy yet?
- The Department of Homeland Security is not happy with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Join the club.
- Microsoft is fighting extradition of its emails from Ireland to the US. If you are concern about keeping your data protected, this one is for you.
- Eat that hackers. Security experts are using the Heartbleed vulnerability to penetrate the unpatched hacker networks. Oh, the irony!

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