Flying cars

This week, Google introduced to us to their self driving car. No steering wheel, no brakes, just sit comfortably and let the car drive you. Quite an extraordinary engineering accomplishment; perhaps this will redefine the meaning of 'public transportation'. Imagine a steady stream of cars, where you can sleep, eat, work on your laptop, and enjoy the view all in a stress free setting. It is not exactly the flying cars we were promised in past, but close. And just think of what you'll do with all that free time; no longer wasting your time having to communicate with fellow commuters with awkward hand gestures and elaborate finger language. ---->

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This week brought some interesting articles and news worth taking note of:
- Samsung unveils the health platform Sami. The race to make your doctor obsolete is on.
- Skype is getting a 'real-time' translator. Thus, no politician will ever use Skype; it would mean we could finally understand what they are saying and everyone knows that is never good for politics.
- China is accusing the US of spying online. Hello kettle, this is pot calling. You're black.
- Your best friend is telling on you! Yes, your trusted phone is  telling everybody where you are and what you're doing by constantly searching for a WiFi hotspot. And retailers are loving you for it.
- Google has accepted the EU's ruling on the right to be forgotten. Does this mean Google is now oblige to remember this ruling?
- Remember that picture of yourself that you uploaded last week? Well, not only do your friends have it, our 'other' friends over  at the  NSA have it too. NSA is using your images to train their face recognition algorithms. Here's hoping their computers are smart  enough to distinguished your face from the top most wanted.
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