Facebook & Watson

Facebook wants to buy WhatsApp. You might not care about either Facebook or WhatsApp, but perhaps you should care about this deal. Facebook's business model is to sell YOU to the highest bidder (i.e., advertisers). WhatsApp on the other hand, charges you small fee for a reasonably useful service and  does not use advertisement in their business model. In WhatsApp's  own words, ' Have you considered the alternative?'. And, yes we have. If this transaction goes through, all of your personal information that is currently residing with WhatsApp is going to be owned by Facebook; and you will have no say in that. You accepted it that when you signed up for the WhatsApp service. It is clearly stated in WhatsApp's Privacy policy. It is not clear how many of the close to 500 million WhatsApp users are Facebook users, but the ones who are not should probably start looking for an alternative solution, because they will be sold.


Here is your big chance to win or make lots of money. All the smarts of the machine which beat two Jeopardy champions is now at your disposal. You can register at http://g3t.ca/e8jyv7 and gain access  to the super Watson computer. Do you have vast amount of text? Do you need to answer questions based on the information hidden inside? Watson just might be the 'guy' to talk to. Or you can talk to me. I can translate.

What is Really Happening on the Internet - The war over Ukraine

The PR fight for people's mind is raging on the Internet. News agencies, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, government agencies are all flooding cyber space with their 'for' and 'against' information. As part of our on-going exploration of dashboard  technologies, this week we've  brought together 100's of sources from around the world, with real time updates from Russia and Ukraine. In situations  such  as these, it is very important to understand where information is originating from; and  also , who is behind it. Gone are the days of verified sources; today, information can quickly become a reference point and will get repeated by everybody without ever having been validated. When the same information is repeated often enough,  particularly in a short period of time, it will become truth. In this week's demonstration, our dashboard will allow you to drill down to compare who is saying what to help you separate propaganda from facts, and to explore behind the sentiment analysis.

Trending this week...

- Facebook is trying to buy WhatsApp and has also purchased Titan Aerospace. The race among hi-tech companies to own robotics company is breathtaking.  
- Cyber armies of pro-Ukraine and pro-Russia are facing off on a hard fought duel.
- Another Bitcoin exchange bites the dust. If you decide to get Bitcoins, just print them on paper. Is it safer? Yes, paper is safer than your computer.
- South Korea admits to cyber attack against North Korea, which is interesting considering how few computers North Korea has. But then again, there is a nuclear facility.
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