Election time

Since we introduced our online real-time event monitoring, things got a lot busier on the Internet. The Oscars (who even remembers them) were a mere blip on the radar, immediately overshadowed by two major events; one international, and one domestic. Both events generated an incredible amount of information and are very difficult to follow without good dashboard to assess what is happening.

What is Really Happening on the Internet - The war over Ukraine continues ....
As of last week, the Crimean parliament has decided to hold a referendum on whether Crimea should remain a part of the Ukraine or become a part of Russia. The results indicate an overwhelming support for Crimea to join Russia. The situation there is as tense as it can get and the Internet is flooded with information.

Provincial Election time
The province of Quebec is going to the polls on Monday April 7th. As with any election in this province, it brings to the forefront the referendum on separation from the rest of Canada. Emotions are high and politicians are changing their tune as new polls come through. All parties are accusing each other of bending the truth.

Trending this week...
- analysts call the fact that revenue from mobile data just surpassed the revenue from voice.
- Not quite as impressive as Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, but certainly more real; this device can make an object disappear from sound waves.
- As you all know, I have a keen interest in 3D printing. So what's the latest? How about a guy who, after an accident, has part of his face 3D printed. It sounds both crazy and awesome.
- As if there's not enough payment systems already, the consortium of banks is now launching a new... payment system. The system will be called Paym - pronounced Pay Em. Your mobile phone number will become your main ID. Make sure you get a good phone number for junior, it will be more important than the name.
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