Do you want to be forgotten?

Is there something about you, which you would prefer to just go away; or feel is no longer relevant? The EU court ruled that Google has to change the search result if an ordinary person asks them to do so. This ruling is far reaching and with it, brings many more questions. For starters, should companies or governments be allowed to do the same (remove  historical information from search engine results) ? Who or what is going to be the arbiter to decide what can stay and what should disappear? It also demonstrates how Google has now become the authority of ones existence. If Google doesn't show any result for your name, do you even exist? If nothing else, it illustrates how  important it is to carefully plan your online presence. You never know when you might decide to be or not to be.

Are you vouching for scammers?

As most of you who read this newsletter are participating on LinkedIn, I thought I would provide an  example of a scam, which allows others to start building new identities on Linkedin. And you are helping them!! I received an invite to connect with Mr. Dong Liao -  How can I refuse. He's the Executive Director at Nanjing Hafei Group. He's also my 2nd level connection through people I already know and do business. I am looking forward to talking to him. There's just one problem, the picture in his profile is a picture of Mr. Ma Huateng. How do I know this? I took the picture from the LinkedIn profile and ran through Google's image search. And here's the problem... Mr. Dong Liao (the scammer) has 378 legitimate connections. So, the next time you receive an invitation take a moment to pause and think, before accepting; otherwise, you might find yourself a part of the scam.

Update: The link and profile has been removed by LinkedIn by the time I finished the story. Perhaps LinkedIn is taking identity theft seriously. If you are interested, here are the screen capture and the photo -->

Trending this week...    

This week brought some interesting articles and news worth taking note of:      
- Dell turns 30. The adult years are here. It is time to show what you're going to do Michael with your, now private, company.
- Bitcoin is in trouble - again. The directors from its foundation are leaving in droves.
- Another coin wannabe, Dogecoin under attack. Hint. If you are planning to go virtual, start with security. 
- There is enough sunshine in Britain. The government there has decided to limit its subsidies to large solar farm. Time for market forces to prove the business model.
- Quick!! Build a self destructing messaging app for mobile phones. Yahoo just bought one and it looks like these are the latest in hot apps .... that is, until next week.
- Marketing stunt or trend? Venture capital firm appoints a computer algorithm to its board of directors. Skynet has its first machine with voting rights.

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