Cyber security still the Wild West

There’s a funny disconnect between cyber security and our physical security.

The Internet is still like the Wild West; politicians and organizations have devised rules and regulations, but this doesn't provide you with real protection. You don’t call the cops if your computer gets hit by a virus. Good luck getting the National Guard on the phone when a worm disables your network. The regulators are actually more likely to go after the victim of the attack for failing to build adequate security into their system (ie. PCI DSS fines, civil suits, even criminal charges), rather than attempt to locate and punish an anonymous hacker.

The irony is that with few exceptions, the places with the highest Internet usage – North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea - are the same places where we pretty much take our physical protection for granted. The cops cart the criminals off to jail. Our armies secure the border. Our navies try to keep the coast clear of pesky submarines and terrorists on speedboats. We have protection so the food that we eat and the beverages we drink are safe.

In Cyberia, you are in charge of your own security. It’s up to your organization to devise defense-in-depth with a firewall, updates and patches, anti-virus and all the rest. The alternative is like walking into a Wild West saloon without your trusty six-shooter and wearing a big red target on your back.