Conficker Worm a Real Snake in the Grass

IT consulting, security vendors and others who make their living from helping make networks malware-proof are always the first ones to warn of a coming cyber-plague. Sometimes, you get a big bust like Y2K, where companies spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get themselves ready for a non-event.

Sometimes, you get a problem like the Conficker worm, where a non-event is recognized later as the calm before the storm. It turns out Conficker’s capabilities are only being realized later than expected.

No April Fool’s Day disaster for us, but we now know that Conficker is slowly being activated: “Conficker, also known as Downadup or Kido, is quietly turning thousands of personal computers into servers of e-mail spam and installing spyware” (Yahoo News).

Still haven’t shut that barn door to your network? You might already be infected, but maybe, just maybe, you got lucky (The “better-late-than-never” rule doesn’t work too well for cyber security).

Patch your anti-virus, make sure your firewall is configured right, update your operating system and check out Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 to try to get your machine Conficker-proofed.