Conficker Worm Making You Squirm?

As you already may be aware, the Conficker worm threatens all computers using the Microsoft Windows operating system on April 1. As an indication of just how threatening this worm is, the French air force has grounded its jets and the UK parliamentary IT network is scrambling to fix what appears to be an already-infected system. Microsoft is reportedly offering $250,000 for information leading to the worm code’s authors
No one actually knows what the Conficker worm will do on April 1. But if you haven't already taken action, you'll probably find out the hard way. But there's still a short window of opportunity, if you've got a minute to click a link.
To remedy your network’s potential vulnerability to the Conficker worm, we recommend you check the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 and apply the update you will find for your operating system immediately. Find the bulletin at

If you have further questions about how to protect your company from the Conficker worm or other cyber threats, or think your systems may already be infected, we're here to help. Best of luck on your computer not self-destructing in the morning.