This week, PCIS was featured in the Dell's TechPageOne online magazine. The topic BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - The introduction of personal devices to the workplace brings potential security complications. Many users do not follow good security practices, failing to implement even simple precautions such as password protection. Companies that fail to take a firm stand on personal devices are inviting hackers to infiltrate their system; too many BYOD policies have focused more on satisfying employee convenience than on protecting business data and processes.
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What is Really Happening on the Internet
It was Oscar's weekend and everybody who's anybody descended upon L.A. to be part of Oscar night. This week dashboard show the rise chatter, which started about 2 weeks before the event. The interesting thing to observe is that most comments are very positive. Everybody is cheering for their favourites and very few people have time for bashing the opponents. Let's see how many days after Oscar night the media will continue to carry on the conversation.

P.S. Our money was on The Wolf of Wall Street.

Trending this week...
- MtGox goes belly up. Your Bitcoins are gone; at least the one that were there.
- Nokia is releasing an Android phone (really?) and will focus on the R&D. It has a huge amount of patents and is now positioning itself to capitalize on them.
- 3D printing. Last week, Mr. Potato Head; this week, print yourself a new dining room set.
- Boeing has made a super secure, self destructing phone.
- The security bug in iOS was fixed. The problem? An extra 'goto' command in the code. Yes, *things* happen.
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