Better Marketing and Promotion Through Improved Web Security

More companies might consider the positive benefits for promotion and marketing that they can take advantage of after improving web security.

Here’s the situation: Your organization has invested in some kind of technology to protect your customers’ information from unscrupulous cyber criminals. You are confident that your customers will feel safer using your site or purchasing your products and services.

Wouldn’t you want to publicize that? Here’s your press release:

“XYZ Company Helps Its Customers Shop Safe”
Anytown, Anywhere July XX, 2008 – XYZ is proud to announce new web security measures that are going to make visitors to its website safer. “We’re just doing what our customers have been asking for,” says XYZ President Bob Moneybags. “Millions of people have already suffered ID theft from hackers through insecure websites. The ABC solution we’re using means that visitors to our site can feel confident that we’re taking steps to improve their security.”

“This is a great example of a company being proactive about its users’ security,” says Privacy Commissioner Suzie Hideaway, who has previously criticized corporations for not taking even basic steps to protect information. “Frankly, if I have a choice between 100 different websites about the same topic and I know for sure that one has implemented security to make me safe when I visit, where do you think I’m going to get my information or shop online? Obviously, I’m going to visit the site of the company that cares about my safety and privacy”…

But why stop with a press release? How about a white paper about your security efforts? An education campaign via social media? A speech to associations about how other businesses can become more secure? All of these PR methods will bring more attention to your organization.

Investing in security helps to market your brand and bring in more customers.The ideas above are just for starters. If anyone has ideas about other PR ideas to publicize a good-news story about improving security, please leave a tip in the comments.