Apple conference

Apple had its annual conference. As usual, the keynote speech was full of 'really nice' and 'absolutely gorgeous' remarks. Behind all the hype, Apple introduced better search powered by Siri; open access to some of its built in technologies such as the FingerPrint reader on the iPhone; HomeKit, which allows all your home devices and appliances to be controlled from one device. What this means is that if you ever lose your iPhone, you won't be able to unlock the front door to your house, open your garage doors, or set the temperature controls inside.  The next generation of devices and the new operating system, brings you even more of Apple's total integration. Have a look, you won't be disappointed.   ---->

Trending this week...     

This week brought some interesting articles and news worth taking note of:
- The reason China doesn't want to use Windows 8 is security? They didn't have a problem using Windows XP. Go figure.
- Finally it's here! The Fuel Cell for home. It takes natural gas and converts it directly to electric energy. You've got to love German engineering.
- Have you ever wondered what The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data looks like? Well, here's one: Heathrow airport is fitting their bathrooms with sensors; the toilet seat actually.  Imagine how many things they'll now be able to measure; suddenly it brings a whole new meaning to 'Predictive Analytics'.

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